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Dr. Robb’s practice is based on years of experience and compelling evidence that vibrant mental health is directly related to proper nourishment of the body, mind and spirit. She recognizes the reciprocal and dynamic influence of biological, psychological and social forces on illness and health.

As Dr. Robb’s career in the field of mental health unfolded, she became increasingly discouraged by the reality that standard treatments, which typically included psychotherapy and medication, were not always enough for her patients to fully recover.  As she began to broaden her scope of interventions, she focused on alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments of depression and anxiety.  She began to collaborate with providers in other disciplines such as naturopathy and chiropractic.  She also integrated the study of functional medicine as she learned about the physical root causes of emotional distress.

Dr. Robb learned that there are actually dozens of root physical causes of psychological distress and unless the specific causes are identified, the problems can remain unresolved for years.

Dr. Robb utilizes five basic tools to facilitate the process of discovery, healing and growth:


Relationship – The most important healing occurs in the context of the relationship between the patient and the therapist. An objective perspective in an atmosphere of trust, free of judgment is an essential foundation for therapy.

Education – Exploring new information frequently stimulates problem solving giving rise to strategies that inspire change

Nutrition – Balancing body chemistry is fundamental to a sense of well being. The best medicine is on the end of a fork.

Insight Understanding how present feelings and actions relate to past events and relationships often offers valuable understanding of recurrent behaviors.

Collaboration Working together with multidisciplinary practitioners broadens the investigation of underlying causes of non-optimal health.

Rebecca Robb, PsyD

Portland, Oregon  |  (503) 227-0350

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